Sierra Batten is the owner of Sierra & Company . Sierra has over 16 years of experience with Business and Accounting. Sierra holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  Sierra & Company Promotes Financial Literacy for Small Business Owners & Workforce Placement for individuals seeking employment.  I’ve always had a passion for business and crunching numbers. Learning the business aspects was intriguing and interesting to me. I said, I know a lot of small business owners don’t have access to this financial literacy. I started creating Small Business startup packages that gave step by step guide on how to start a business and show longevity for a business to sustain for a fraction of the cost. Sierra & Company offers Comprehensive Business Plans that are Tier 1, 2 & 3. I also offer consultation services with my clients to touch basics, weekly. I offer resumes, cover letter letters, assistance with job applications, Career Portfolio, Notary Public & Interview skill training. Sierra & Company is also a contractor for the State & Federal government.  Sierra & Company is different from her competition, because she provides quality services are tailored to each client’s budget. My company also promotes financial planning for individuals entering the workforce, so they will know how to budget & manage their expenses. 

Sierra Batten - Owner