All information disclosed to Sierra & Company

will be kept private. A contract and disclosure

form will is required to discuss any financial


Physical Packages and Digital Downloads


Packages are non-refundable. If there is a shipping discrepancy or damaged package. Package will be replaced. If clarification needs to be made regarding a topic. Customers may email sierracoresumes@gmail.com with concerns. 





Any information a customer discloses with Sierra and Co in any aspects will remain confidentiality. Information will not be disclosed to anyone unless there is a written consent.  

New Resume/Revised


 All Forms that are requested must be completed in full. Lack of information or missing information will result result in extra fees applied or resume's being rejected.


Comprehensive Business Plans Packages 


Comprehensive Business Plan Packages are non-refundable. All dates and timeframes are tentative with the cooperation of clients. If there are delays with obtaining requested documents and information from clients, this may result in a delay in completing Business Plans.  A contract will be issued before any services are rendered. Prices are firm and will not be altered. .